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Future Plan

Centre for Adult Independent Living

Mental retardation is considered as one of the very worst disability, because have no reasoning capacity. Most of their developments are delayed and hence they do not posses skills in their daily living activities. They always depend on others through out their life and they can not do anything without the supervision of others. Many non-governmental organizations and welfare centers take care of children with mental retardation and as they grow these organizations are not in a position to take care of them because of their behavioral problems.

Once when they attain the age of adolescence, they are sent back to their houses and the parents are not in position to look after them. In many cases parents go for removal of uterus of their daughter and boys are just dropped on the streets. Even mercy killing also takes place in some of the cases. Proper medical care is not given and hence their life is very miserable.

They have the right to live in the society like everyone of us with all the basic amenities. Proper love and affection is very essential for their betterment. We should never be deprived of their rights for proper medical care, education and above all recognition in the society as human being.

So we are planning to establish a home for adult persons with Mental Retardation and this home will be one of the milestones in the rehabilitation of persons with mental retardation in our district. We have purchased of 2.85 acres of land at Vedapatty, Tharamangalam, Omalur (Tk), Salem District the same mentally retarded persons.

Under this project we will be covering the adult persons with mental retardation both male and female from all over Tamilnadu. Adult persons with mental retardation from other states will also be admitted. This centre will also serve as a research and rehabilitation centre for persons with disabilities. We will involve in exploring various types of rehabilitation programmes for persons with mental retardation. We will also take up research activities on mental health and mental retardation.

The beneficiaries will be given shelter, 3 times nutritious food, medical care, recreation and vocational training on different trades. A vocational training centre and a herbal garden will be established under this programme. They will be given a monthly stipend depending on their contribution. Thus their basic right to live is ensured and self respect is inculcated in their minds as they become the contributing and earning members of this society.

The adult mentally retarded can stay in our home as long as they want and will be taken care even after the death of their parents. Thus our home would serve as a permanent shelter for them.