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Community Based Rehabilitation

Community Based Rehabilitation aims at empowering the persons with disabilities as an integral part of society with better quality of life through an integrated development programmes and total integration of persons with disabilities to attain equal social status and skills through people organization.

Following are objectives of this programme :

  1. To sensitize the community through awareness creation process.
  2. To organize persons with disabilities into people organization (formation of Self Help Groups, Community Level Committees, Parents Association and Federation for persons with disability) to ensure their participation for sustainable development.
  3. To design and provide Community Based Rehabilitation services to the disabled persons to ensure their medical, educational, vocational and other rehabilitation needs.
  4. To promote advocacy and networking with resource organization and federations to protect the rights of the persons with disability.

Under this programme activities are carried out in Tharamangalam, Omalur, Kadayampatty, Nangavalli, Magudanchavadi and Konganapuram blocks of Salem District. Regular meetings, trainings, workshops, formation of Self Help Groups, parents associations, community level committees etc. are planned, executed and the whole community is involved to bring total community development. Click here for Photo Gallery