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Vocational Training

The ultimate aim of Ecomwel Orthopaedic Centre is to provide self employment opportunities for the persons with disability thereby enabling their economic empowerment. Ecomwel Orthopaedic Centre houses a vocational training unit for this purpose. In this unit, persons with disability are given training to make handicraft items. We are also providing this training to other welfare organizations to setup vocational training programme for the differently abled.

The differently abled children of our school, disabled adults and the underprivileged are offered self employment training on making,

  1. Handicraft items from waste silk cocoons
  2. Handicraft items from plastic wires, beads and woolen thread
  3. Phenyl
  4. Candles
  5. Greeting cards
  6. Incense
  7. Wire bags and Woolen telephone mats
  8. Food items like pickle, pappad
  9. Soap oil, washing powder
  10. Tailoring and
  11. Sanitary Napkin manufacturing Unit

The vocational training students are also involved in educational activities, leisure activities and therapy for their mobility. Click here for Photo Gallery